” Where there is HOPE, there is WILL, Where there is WILL, there is a WAY. “

Dr. Asha

  • Educational Scientist
  • Academician
  • Snr. Counsellor
  • Child Development Consultant
  • Art Therapist
  • Master Hypnotist
  • Learning and Development Analyst
  • Life coach(WHO)
  • Grapho Therapist


To create an Empatheticand Positive environment for Children and Parents.

To meet the Emotional needs of Children and Empower them to equip core life skills and promote Happiness and Health.


the potential of every individual To open the doors for the flow of emotions, energy and release with Empathy.


  • Founder of Asha “The hope”
    – A center for counselling and therapy
  • Founder of Creative hands Brain gym
    – A center for holistic learning
  • Founder and concept creator of The Zest
  • Ambassador for ASPS
  • School management consultant
  • Member of Women Forum (ICPEM)
  • Associated with Banjara Academy as faculty
  • Client Management consultant – ArtThech
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Author of Freedom of Expression
    -A hand book on modalities of counselling
  • Author of “life ia journey..”Hustle Wisely”
    -A Handbook on Child Psychology
  • Author of “NEST – Nurturing Elderly Souls Trust”


  • Vidhya Visharada- Spoorthi Foundation
  • Uttama Nagarika – Karnataka Woman Welfare
  • India Exellency – ASPS India
  • Wonderful Women Award- India Australia ACADEMY
  • Global Entrepreneur Award – Nvupe


  • -15 years of experience in the field of education, Content Design & Learning Solutions.Worked on projects involving Creative Content design for Child Development Programme (Banjara Academy).
  • A Qualified counsellor with a strong motto in bringing hope to children who live below the poverty line and support them till they are self-reliant emotionally.
  • Trained hundreds of women with creative skills and supporting them to build better quality of life.
  • Have decoded people and problems through art and helped hundreds of children to overcome fears and failures, adults from stress and struggles and families from crumbling apart due to unresolved conflicts through Art Therapy and Counselling.
  • Have witnessed transformation, growth and achievement in people when art opened a window to their subconscious.
  • Mentored teachers and other educational professionals in sharpening their skills with Psychological tools like
  • Art therapy and Grapho therapy.
  • Reaching out to many present days mental health issues like depression, addiction, emotional trauma etc.
  • Rich experience of working with more than 2000 clients with different issues.
  • Particular area of interest in human science
  • Dedicated in creating positive learning environment and bring a difference in the learning process.10 years of experience in administering WHO QOL (World Health Organization Quality Of Life) – pilot WHO and devising psychotherapy to meet the emotional need of client irrespective of age and problem.
  • The endeavour of getting into Limca Book of Records through SVMM by painting, decoration and displaying of 100008 idols of Ganesh was covered by news9
  • Encouraged young authors who had passion for writing and supported them with necessary skills.
  • Author of Life transforming books and effective columnist in Indian Express.
  • Approved educator writer for Edinbox – an Australian Education times that world of schools look up to.