Asha “The Hope

is a Counselling and Therapy Centre with a vision to facilitate every individual’s journey on his “Path of Discovery to Conquer”. The management team has a combined professional experience of more than a decade and has empowered youngsters to achieve the unachievable.

Schools are temples of learning which have an opportunity to positively influence the life of future citizens of our country. Schools can influence a child’s learning capability by ensuring their emotional health and Schools are the only place where we can touch tomorrow.

Asha “The Hope” has developed a number of programs to support the training and development endeavours of every Educational institution.

Asha “The Hope” offers a series of programs for teachers. The programs are offered at Asha “The Hope” and can be conducted at school premises also.

  1. Understanding and managing children with Learning Disability
  2. Managing Disruptive behaviours in the classroom
  3. Student counselling skills & emotional leverage
  4. Learning cycles, systems, methodologies and strategies. Creative learning solutions for various age groups
  5. Psycho-competency tools

Partnership Programs – We will partner the schools and support all the school’s Endeavours and ensure progress in all faculties in a manner suitable & required by the school.