Remedial programs are designed to close the gap between what a student knows and what he is expected to know. Many students require the extra help a remedial program can provide. Remediation would be required for children with Learning difficulties, behavioural issues, lack of attention, children who have missed on foundation knowledge to pursue further concepts of children with emotional issues.

Our counsellors will support their learning requirement after having an understanding about their emotional health status and psychological assessment.


After completing 10th class, it’s always a tough call for students to choose their stream. Most of the times, students ignore their interests and go by the previous year’s trends. This may result in unintended consequences in the long-term career prospects. HOPE CENTRE addresses this important aspect of students’ lives through its Aptitude Test conducted in association with schools at its own premises.

The APTITUDE Test is a psychometric assessment test which considers – interest, aptitude and skills of the students and accordingly suggests the right streams for them in a relevant manner.

HOPE team will conduct an APTITUDE TEST to the students and offer counselling and advice to the student and parents to support their choice of stream at 11th Std.


HOPECentre for Personal Transformation can extend its counselling and Resource Roomfacility to support the learning needs of children with learning difficulties and who are unable to cope up with their peers and class room learning pace. HOPEt Counsellors can support in identification, counselling and learning support activities.

Life Skill coaching empowers the students to work independently and complete their work without much help. The children would need guidance in other areas of understanding and approach to life. Life skill coaching will allow them to expand their understand and comprehension of basic facets of life.


According to research studies it has been found that a high number of children are currently experiencing ‘Emotional and Behavioural’ problems. The consequences can be clearly seen at schools in the form of learning and development barriers which do not allow the children to perform in academics as expected. Despite a significant number of students experiencing emotional and behavioural problems, the majority of problems go unidentified and consequently untreated. This is detrimental to student outcomes, school and parent expectations.

ACPT aims towards assisting schools in early identification of hitches via “Emotional & Behavioural Health Screening” and there by providing immediate intervention.

Due to these positive remedial actions there is a likelihood of increase in academic success, achievement in sports, improvement in happiness quotient and better interpersonal relationship building

Student Transformation Programmes

  • Exam Success (How to Overcome Exam Anxiety)
  • Time Management Techniques
  • Study Skills
  • Revision Techniques
  • Life Skills
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Financial Literacy “MONEYWISE” with printed book (Valuing Resources)
  • Cyber Security (Safeguarding from Online hazards like Bluewhale and online predators)
  • Communication Skills
  • Psychology of Communication
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Assertive Communication
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Listening & Learning Skills
  • Leadership Development Skills
  • Accountability and Responsibility Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Relationship Management (With Peers, Parents, Teachers)
  • Self-Awareness (Self-Motivation, Self-Discipline & Self-Esteem)
  • Handwriting Improvement Techniques
  • Speed Writing Techniques
  • Memory Techniques
  • Planning and Time Management skills for writing exams effectively



(Globally recognized methodologies & recommended by WHO)

Each Teacher is going to get equipped with the following skills and will be ready to lead better quality of life.

The programme has been designed by Dr. Asha a well-known Psychologist, WHO certified Counsellor, Therapist, Healer and Educationist.

Dr Asha has trained hundreds of teachers and supported their journey to success and she has helped multiple schools to achieve academic success by guiding teachers regarding psychology of students and creative learning methodologies

  1. Positive Communication
  2. Learning Style System & Strategy
  3. Dealing with Behavioural Styles & issues inside the classroom
  4. Creative Learning Methodologies
  5. Basic Analysis & Counselling Techniques
  6. Overview of Developmental Milestones with respect to different age groups
  7. Understanding Burnout
  8. Emotional intelligence and quotient
  9. Ego and skill mastery
  10. Memory and Edutaining techniques
  11. Child and adolescent psychology
  12. Crisis management
  13. Coping up with emotions and creating independent individuals.
  14. Psycho-Competency Tools